Monthly Archives: November 2017

Mrs. Betsy DeVos currently serves as our country’s Secretary of Education. She has had a lengthy career in politics, most notably focused around education reform in the United States. Her political views around education reform support initiatives that provide for greater choices for students and their families. The main push is for school choice, giving… Read Article →

For any company to be compared with the e-commerce giant Amazon, it must have something up its sleeves. The women’s wear category of fashion is ever-so competitive. Every day, designers come up with better designs than the last making this niche of the fashion industry very competitive. For a long time, Amazon has enjoyed a… Read Article →

Bob Reina has never been a quitter, and he has faced a lot in his life. This is a man that used to be a police officer before he decided he wanted to have a career change. He wanted to do something different. However, his legacy as a police officer is one that will last… Read Article →

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