Monthly Archives: April 2018

Medicine is as widespread and diverse as the people who practice it. Such is the case with Dr. Saad Saad, an individual who originates from the Middle Eastern country of Egypt and who has been practicing pediatric medicine in the United States for over thirty years. Dr. Saad received his medical degree and certification from… Read Article →

After a long and tedious search, Sussex Healthcare has finally found its new CEO. On December 21, 2017, the company announced that it would be hiring Amanda Morgan-Taylor for this particulat position. Taylor officially started working in this position by January 2018, however, she had performed a few tasks before the month began. For example,… Read Article →

Whitney Wolfe has never been scared of taking on new challenges. The businesswoman is currently the president and founder of a fast growing dating app that is called Bumble. Wolfe has done so much so that the company can impress customers, especially women and at the end of the day make the lives of the… Read Article →

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