Adam Milstein: A Phenomenal Philanthropist and Established Real Estate Entrepreneur

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor and a renowned philanthropist. He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm that specializes acquisition, rehabilitation and repositioning of industrial, retail and multi-family properties. Through smart strategies and commitment to excellent service, the company has helped many nderperforming projects to return to profitability. The firm owns and manages more than 100 properties worth nearly $2 billion all over the United States. Adam is organized, persistent and hardworking, and these traits have seen him stand out as a remarkable entrepreneur. He believes in paying keen attention to detail and following up on issues himself as opposed to relying on others. In addition to his successful businesses, Adam Milstein is a prominent philanthropist.


Career and Education Background

Adam Milstein is an Israel native, and he served in Defense Forces during the Yom Kippur War. In 1978, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Business Management from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), one of the best Science and technology research universities in the world. in 1981, Milstein moved to the United States with his wife and children. He enrolled for an MBA in entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and graduated in 1983. After graduation, Adam started his career in real estate as a sales agent in the commercial property business. He worked his way up and was named managing partner at the firm Hager Pacific Properties in 2011.



Adam Milstein is a celebrated philanthropist and was recently named as one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the World by London-based publication Richtopia in coordination with Rise, a social media ranking system, for his charitable actions. He is actively involved in numerous charitable organizations such as The American Israel Education Foundation, StandWithUs, The Israel on Campus Coalition, UCLA Foundation, Hasbara Fellowships, Stand By Me and AIPAC among others. Adam Milstein and his family are passionate about empowering the Jewish people and the state of Israel, and they are keen to nurture the ties between US and Israel. Together with his wife, they founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a non-profit organization that cultivates a stronger sense of Jewish identity among the younger generation Israeli-Americans.


Adam Milstein is undoubtedly an outstanding real estate investor and philanthropist. His hard work, dedication and passion for charity set him aside as an exceptional leader.