Betsy Devos: Parents Should Invest More Time into Their Children’s Education

Children struggle every single day to get through the American public-school system. Some will find a way to make the education styles work for them, while others will feel as though they are being left behind by their peers. This can create a disconnect for those children, as they feel as though they will never catch up. It might be that they will then give up on the process and continue to decline in their grades until their parents are forced to step in, or worse they fail. While this is a drastic example of what can happen within the school system, it’s something that happens every single day. Parents remain frustrated with the process and they feel as though they do not have a voice when it comes to what their children are learning. When their children come home frustrated over homework examples and educational styles, they are simply left to comfort their children with no real solution. This is frustrating, and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos agrees that something needs to be done to change this process.


Betsy DeVos has received a lot of negative attention because she has been an outspoken advocate for the parental option of school choice. The reason that school choice is so controversial is that it would allow parents to remove their children from the public-school system and enroll them in private institutions in order to receive their standardized education. In doing this, it would allow the student to receive a better education, but public schools would suffer from funding and attendance. She is also advocating that some funding should be removed from these public-schools and moved into these private institutions because they will be taking a larger student load in the future. She thinks that this type of funding will allow them to accept more children or lower tuition rates to increase that attendance as well.


So, why is private education so important now? The fact is that private education has been important for a very long time, but few parents are willing to push against the status quo of their childhood education. They run under the mentality that if it was good enough for them, then it should be good enough for their children as well. They don’t understand that with more interest being paid to the generalized standard of learning unit, teachers are pushing preformed lesson plans instead of adapting lessons to the individual child. This is one of the biggest reasons why children are being left behind in their school classrooms. They expressed anger and frustration over these SOL tests and their parents are left to pick up the pieces. Betsy DeVos continues to tour the country advocating for the increase in private school systems. She wants parents to take a harder look at the schools in their districts and really ask some tough questions. If education is important, parents should take more of a role in their children’s experience, even if they elect to leave their children within the public-school system.


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