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Throughout the 1980s, the Michigan automotive industry began a period of steep decline. Many factories throughout the Detroit and Flint areas closed for the last time as manufacturing was offshored to places like Latin America and Asia.   This led to a deep state-wide recession as the industries throughout the state that fed into the… Read Article →

Mrs. Betsy DeVos currently serves as our country‚Äôs Secretary of Education. She has had a lengthy career in politics, most notably focused around education reform in the United States. Her political views around education reform support initiatives that provide for greater choices for students and their families. The main push is for school choice, giving… Read Article →

Orange Coast College is preparing these 9 men for the OCC Nationals. For these college guys, rowing is aesthetic and a challenge to overcome. It is a sport that will aid them mentally and physically for years to come. This type of spirit and muscle motivated sport keeps their motivation in their academic career. People… Read Article →

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