Fabletics; Staying Ahead Of The Bandwagon

For any company to be compared with the e-commerce giant Amazon, it must have something up its sleeves. The women’s wear category of fashion is ever-so competitive. Every day, designers come up with better designs than the last making this niche of the fashion industry very competitive. For a long time, Amazon has enjoyed a near monopoly in fashion e-commerce. The conglomerate accounts for 20 percent of all the sales in fashion e-commerce. With the rise of a new trend in which women prefer active-wear to formal, fashion companies are rushing to come up with solutions that are trendy and affordable at the same time. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is one of the fashion businesses that have taken the competition right to the doorstep of Amazon. In under four years that the company has been in operation, it has managed to lock in an impressive $250 million in sales in this market segment.


Whenever Hudson is taken to task to explain how Fabletics has managed to stay ahead of the competition, she is always quick to attribute the success to marketing technique called reverse showrooming and a subscription model that awards loyalty points to the shoppers. These two methods are not new, but the combination of the two achieves remarkable results for any marketing and sales department. Also, Fabletics’ decision of pairing up the physical store and online platforms has worked to the company’s advantage.


Despite the fact that Fabletics is a niche- specific enterprise, the business has managed to attract a broad clientele because it offers tailored fashion solutions. As a woman, you don’t need the body of a model for you to get what fits you well at Fabletics. Through a lifestyle quiz, Fabletics can collect the individual specifications of each customer so that when you act on a recommendation of particular apparel, it is manufactured to your size. Such flexibility to the shopping experience enables customers to make a purchase decision quickly because they don’t have to fear whether the clothes will fit.


Because technology enables Fabletics to reach a broader clientele at no extra cost, the company ensures that its apparels are affordable to a majority of the consumers. When one signs up with Fabletics, they are automatically registered with free membership with an option of upgrading to VIP. Some of the goodies that come with being a member of Fabletics include a personal shopper and monthly recommendations of the editor’s choice of apparels for that month