Louis Chenevert the Exemplary Leader and Businessman

Louis Chenevert is a successful entrepreneur who has managed to build a good reputation for himself. His exemplary success in business has earned him the opportunity to work in great ranks were companies trust him to handle greater roles. He has served the United Technologies Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and also worked at Pratt and Whitney as the president. Being born in Montreal, he went to school and excelled very well in his studies. Louis Chenevert was able to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Business administration and also a degree in production management all from HEC Montreal which was part of the University of Montreal.

His hard work and determination made him earn an honorary doctorate still from the same University. His career kicked off at General Motors where he got a job as a general production manager. His exemplary leadership skills and his ability to meet the company’s goals and objectives as the manager are some of the quality that enabled him to carry out his roles successfully. His diligence and hard work did not go unnoticed. Instead, he got a job later on at Pratt and Whitney where he was made the vice president of operations in the company.

Louis Chenevert was later promoted to become the president of Pratt and Whitney Company after three years of working as the vice president. He continued working at the company for eight years, he was later employed at United Technologies Corporation and was made the head of the company. Through his leadership, the company rose to become a big and renowned company. Louis Chenevert was also given the responsibility of heading the board later on in 2010.

Some other big roles that he has been given include; being the vice chairman of the executive committee of The Business Council where he led the committee for a period of one year. He has also earned many awards one of them being Unite Service Organization Distinguished Service Award for his wonderful leadership. His exemplary success in business management has made him become great and has become an icon in the business world.