Madison street capital and credit facility arrangement for Napoleon Machine

Madison Street is an investment firm that has been in the business for years. One of its many achievements is arranging a credit facility for Napoleon a machine founded in 2010. Napoleon provides a wide range of manufacturing services which include metal fabrication that is customizable, painting among other services. Sterling Commercial Credit is the provider of the facility. Charles Botchway is the man who announced this transaction, and he is the current CEO of Madison Street Capital.




According to Petersen, the credit facility is a massive boost to Napoleon. It will provide expansion opportunities and lead to easy accessing of operating capital. That means Napoleon will be able to meet the needs of customers and the growth of the company will accelerate. Petersen, who is the managing director, sees a better future for the company.




Kevin Febrey who is Napoleon’s president was impressed with the team from Madison Street Capital. He said they took their time and communicated the benefits of this opportunity effectively when it comes to the markets. He pointed out the proper communication as the main thing that led to the completion of the transaction. According to Kevin, the Madison Street Capital team has a great experience, and that is why they comprehended the nature of the industry that it requires capital. That led to the provision of a solution that is creative and means the company will now be able to access a greater amount of working capital through the credit facility. The company is ready to work with Madison Street Capital.




Information on Madison Street Capital




Madison Street Capital is a company that has been in the investment banking for many years attaining international status. The company has been able to achieve a lot in the industry because of its focus on integrity and excellence in their services. They have the best team that delivers proper financial solutions in areas such as service evaluation, merger and acquisition and financial opinions. They offer these services both to companies that are owned publicly and privately.




These are services that enable their customers to be competitive in the global market. They do not start undertaking any project before understanding the goals and objectives of their customers. Once they have a proper understanding of your goals, they become their own, and they work towards achieving them. That is how they have been successful in financial advisory and raising capital as well as ownership transfers and M & A. The company is careful on the emerging markets since they believe these are markets that drive the international growth of their customers. Their primary focus is the critical assets in these markets.




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