Richard Mishaan Design – Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury

Richard Mishaan Design, based out of New York, has been creating gorgeous high end interior designs for over twenty five years. With a broad focus on interior commercial, residential and hospitality, he has created luxury spaces world wide. Designer Richard Mishaan authored two design books, “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury” for the Monacelli Press. Each book discusses in depth Richard’s design plan and displays completed design creations.


Modern Luxury goes details some of the basic ideas of Richard Mishaan Design. In this book Richard explains how good furniture and good art can be combined to create specific styles for all price points. Modern Luxury focuses Richard Mishaan’s love for international travel and incorporates furniture and art from the 17th century French, Biedermeier, Italian Neoclassic, Art Deco and African Tribal eras. The explanation of blending these era selections into modern design creates a fusion tha that has become signature to Richard Mishaan Design. Modern Luxury also exploers Richard Mishaan’s furniture design retail line and showcases pictures of his design work ranging from vacation homes, small apartments, luxury townhouses and corporate offices.


Artfully Modern delves into specific techniques Richard Mishaan Design utilizes on all redesigns. One aspect of Richard Mishaan Design that is a reappearing theme for all creations is the necessity to use at least one high end piece. Each room is designed with a focus on textures, layering and a focal exquisite design piece. Whether it is a stand out piece of art, stunning chandelier or rich textures on a wall, Richard Mishaan creates warm and inviting spaces with eye catching focal points. Artfully modern showcases vacation homes in the Hamptons, the Presidential suite at the St. Regis and upscale city apartments.