Robert Deignan Explores Five Major Technology Trends

Robert Deignan has a B.S. in Business Management from Purdue University where he studied from 1992 until 1995 and is currently the Co-Founder and CEO at ATS Digital Services. He was also the Executive Vice President at iS3 and is considered an expert on technology use in business.

Robert Deignan, in an article written for Weekly Opinion on October 14, 2018, entitled “Tech Expert Robert Deignan Does a Deep Dive on 5 Key Technology Trends”, discusses five major technology trends. He states that despite all the advances in technology AI basically works in the same way as it had in the past. AI uses data mining techniques to harvest information for a consumer. The advances in the AI field are the amount of data that can be stored and the speed at which it can be processed. This is causing big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, and others to invest large amounts of money and resources towards the development of AI systems. A second trend is Voice Recognition which is making it easier for consumers to use computers much like menus and mice accomplished in the past. The third trend the article discusses is 5G networks These systems will change the way information and voice work over the network so that it is faster and more efficient than current systems. Another trend is the use of technology in transportation. Robert Deignan mentions how automated automobiles could change the way consumers use transportation. One example was that rather than pay for a new vehicle a consumer could simply pay for a transportation service and use an automated vehicle for their transportation needs. This will allow a person to meet their transportation needs at a price that would make the purchasing of a new vehicle not as attractive as the automated serves. The last trend discussed in the article is how e-commerce and virtual reality are changing how consumers interact with computers. Robert Deignan thinks we are living in a time of amazing advances in technology and only time will tell how far these trends are able to take us.