Rowers of Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is preparing these 9 men for the OCC Nationals. For these college guys, rowing is aesthetic and a challenge to overcome. It is a sport that will aid them mentally and physically for years to come. This type of spirit and muscle motivated sport keeps their motivation in their academic career. People may forget the fact that keeping the human organs in healthy shape is important for school.


Coach Brown of Orange Coast College trains his students for almost 20 hours a week to keep their high expectations. His team is dedicated to this water sport because they say it is satisfying to achieve the goal where everyone is rowing at the same time, watching the water and the union of all competitors. In addition, their enthusiasm continues throughout the race, however, this sport can drain so much energy that the finish line can get the entire team super tired.


With that said, a growing sport such as this one is not so simple especially when you are in the action. Many people may overlook sports that are not as popular. But, I promise you that this sport is just as awesome to watch as basketball. These guys train long hours and all have one goal in mind: making it to the finish line. A lot of people may think that winning is everything. Although, creating good sportsmanship and completing set goals is just as good. The team of Orange Coast College is creating healthy students of the future.


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