Talk Fusion Wins Awards and Showcases the State of the Industry

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is important for a variety of different reasons. It’s obviously a sign that a company is doing things right. But the real importance of the award stems from the fact that it’s in large part dependent on a company’s peers. The award is given by people in the communications industry to peers who have shown remarkable accomplishments within it. That’s in large part why so many eyes turned to Talk Fusion when they won.

The award celebrates especially notable accomplishments within the industry. The fact that it’s offered from within the telecommunications industry is particularly noteworthy. The industry itself is often seen as difficult to understand from the outside. It’s a field filled with complexities which can be difficult for outsiders to fully grasp.

However, this also touches on one of the reasons why Talk Fusion has received this level of recognition. The company is most notable for how well they’ve melded together disparate telecommunications ideas into a singular whole. As the name suggests, Talk Fusion is best known for their fusion of multiple technologies. Much of this can be better understood by looking at the state of the industry when Talk Fusion first arrived on the scene.

The company was created by Bob Reina as a response to an increasingly fragmented industry. Smartphones were finally becoming ubiquitous, but they were more fragmented than they’ve ever been. It was reaching a point where full communication between two different devices would usually be quite hampered by competing technologies.

Reina saw what would happen if nobody stepped in. As such, he created Talk Fusion with the idea of creating a bridge between different technologies. He succeed and the result was a multimedia platform which could support almost any technology. Multimedia heavy communications could start on a computer and reach someone on a phone. Or the reverse could happen as well. And that combination would be possible with almost any device. But more than just that, they’ve been able to do so in a way that’s user friendly. Even people who only have a moderate proficiency with multimedia will be able to quickly bring themselves up to speed with Talk Fusion’s products.

This user friendliness is a huge accomplishment. It’s what’s allowed the platform to be easily leveraged by people in the business world, charities and even home users. And by looking at the scope it’s easy to see why they’ve been recognized by their peers.