The Cost of Being an Ambassador Inspired by Daniel Taub

Ambassadorship is a very noble career. It comes with multiple sacrifices, one of the greatest sacrifices being to leave your home country and reside in the country that one is representing. The post, therefore, needs an open-minded person who is open to understanding new culture and policies of any state. One also has to understand the needs of every individual in the state as well.

Daniel Taub has been an ambassador of Israeli to Britain for four years. During the four years, the relationship between the two countries has improved tremendously. They are enjoying all the privileges that come along with great diplomatic relations.

Daniel Taub flashes back to the first time he met the Queen; it was when he went to represent his credentials officially as the ambassador of Israeli to Britain. The Queen raised some concern in him undertaking this job. It meant that Daniel Taub had to give up his citizenship of Britain, his mother country. The Queen asked him how representing a country he had migrated less than 30 years ago would feel.

Daniel Taub, on the other hand, was excited and felt privileged to have the opportunity. Despite the conspiracy that had been in court regarding his appointment for the post, he was ready to serve Israeli, and nothing would make him compromise this. This was the chance to give back to the two countries, and he could only do that by bringing them closer together. He was also happy to bring up his children in their historical land.

Four years down the line, Daniel Taub is happy to have achieved his goals. The good diplomatic relations between the two countries is evident everywhere. There are education and cultural exchange. The bilateral trade between Britain and Israel is now double the initial value. The Israeli investors have set up 300 businesses in Britain. The citizens of the two countries have significantly benefited from this scheme. To Britain citizens, the problem of employment has reduced with this new investments. The Israelis are also happy to have a chance to outsource their products.

Everyone in his farewell party agrees with him. Being a competent individual, the Israeli Embassy can’t help but feel sad to see him leave; they can only hope that his successor will be his match if not better than him. The Israeli people expect Daniel Taub to continue serving the country despite his resignation. This is by lecturing international law to students and inspiring people through his great writings. Learn more: